Protecting Oil Fields In Syria

Washington D.C.- About 500 U.S. military personnel will be deployed to Eastern Syria to protect oil fields, said the Pentagon, which reports that the Department of Defense has increased the forces in the Middle East by roughly 14,000 since May.

President Donald Trump’s rhetoric shows a desire to stop endless wars in the middle-east.

“We have spent $8 trillion on wars in the Middle East, never really wanting to win those wars. But after all that money was spent and all of those lives lost, the young men and women gravely wounded — so many — the Middle East is less safe, less stable, and less secure than before these conflicts began,” Trump told reporters on Sunday, October 23rd.

The Vice President and Secretary of State negotiated a Ceasefire between Turkey and the Kurds. There will now be a 20-mile safe-zone.

Trump received criticism from many in Congress for deciding to take troops out of Northern Syria.

“By continuing to maintain control of the Oil fields in Syria, we will deny Assad and Iran a monetary windfall… We can also use some of the revenues from future oil sales to pay for our military commitment in Syria,” said a statement by Senator Lindsay Graham (R- South Carolina) released on October 23rd.

The next Sunday, after speaking with Graham, the Trump administration Syria policy shifted.

“Maybe somebody else wants the oil, in which case they have a hell of a fight. But there’s massive amounts of oil,” Said Trump in a press conference that Sunday.

In the press conference, President Trump explained a decision to leave troops in the middle east to secure the oil, saying that the reserves were valuable and the extraction practices weren’t right. He mentioned making a deal with an American company to “go in there and do it properly.”

BP, an International, British oil and gas company, does a statistical review of world energy. Syria represents 0.03% of the world’s daily oil output, while the U.S. represents 16.16% of the world’s daily oil output, the review shows.

Senator Rand Paul (R- Kentucky) represents a dissenting voice in Congress.

“If you want to stop the endless wars, you actually have to leave. The U.S. guarding oil in Syria will only prolong the war & bring Kurds into conflict with Assad. Mr. President: don’t listen to Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer and others who’ve been wrong for so long.” Senator Paul tweeted.


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