The Importance of Choice

Recently, most of my posts have been based on current events or specific policies. Of course, well that is perfectly fine, I feel that I have left a few my philosophic roots for some more research-based pieces. Many of my newer readers and followers may not know what I believe on a broader level and have only had the pleasure of reading my opinions on specific issues. Well, both research and in-depth thinking on particular topics are essential, it is also important not to forget what we believe and where we come from. It can be easy to get caught up in the weeds of debate and forget the morality that should drive every decision. We should live by principle, and be careful never to forget principle because it is something that keeps us in line with truth and righteousness. With that being said, I have exposed some of my general principles in the Socratic process below, and hope that you can benefit from it. After going through this, I found that the main principle to be expressed here is probably that Love is a choice; Service and everything else of value must be chosen.


Q: What justifies the use of force?

A: Self-Defense most likely justifies the use of force, and it is the only appropriate use of force because it stops the use of force.

Q: Why is it wrong to use force, except to stop the use of force?

A: All men are created in the image of God, and everyone has dignity just for being human. Thus, the use of force is a violation of both human dignity, and orderly society.

Q: Why is it necessary to allow for the exception to use force to stop the use of force?

A: Both human nature and history have shown that there will always be those who use force for selfish gain. That small amount of individuals can inflict a large amount of harm on everyone else. These individuals who use force cannot be allowed to continue its dangerous use.

Q: What danger, if any, comes from the unjust use of force?

A: Through the unjust use of force, people are harmed or killed, restricting their ability to function freely.

Q: Why should people be free?

A: When free, people are able to create, to love, to serve, etc. If people fail, they can learn from their failures. Ultimately, free people have the fullest of human dignity and can grow.

Q: What then should happen to the freedom of those who use force?

A: Since we are not interested in restricting freedom, but rather in promoting it, the person who uses force should be stopped as quickly as possible, and a proportional response is given. If they are likely to continue in their use of force, they should be re-educated against the use of force so that they can be free again to grow, and to contribute to society.

Q: So if the goal of re-educating people (even the criminal) is to set them free again, what is the purpose of freedom?

A: Freedom is not the principal goal of human existence; however, it is necessary for achieving worthy goals. What many people from many religions might say is the chief goal of humanity is love, and to be free is an essential pre-condition to Love, because love cannot be forced. Love is a commitment made voluntarily. It makes right our relationships with both God and our fellow humans. Without love, all of our efforts are in vain, and we cannot love except through freedom.


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