Encouragement to Voters

Tomorrow is Election Day! Anyone who has not already voted via early voting, I encourage you to take the time to vote. The two-thirds of eligible voters who do not vote, would make a large difference. The question is whether the difference your vote makes will be a good one, or a bad one.

For this reason, I wanted to give some general instructions for voting. Anyone who doesn’t vote in an educated manner, is liable too cast a vote that they may extremely regret later on. Well Those who educate themselves, may not agree at some point with their past vote, at least they will have known, that they did their best to vote responsibly. Following are five of the best ways to ensure, that you are voting wisely:

1. Vote based upon your values. People can fall into the trap of voting out of fear, rather than out of a desire to bring more positive good. For me that means voting for candidates, who will adamantly defend the constitution, God-given liberty, and Take a good stance on foreign policy.

2. Determine your values. This logically follows from point number one. In order too vote, based upon your values, you must first know what your values are. Otherwise, you will easily be swayed… and your votes may be inconsistent with one another.

3. Get to know the candidates. You may not be able to personally meet every single candidate. However, there is still time. If you have not already researched, you can look at candidate websites, read quick summaries on Ballotpedia.org, and watch video of debates or speeches.

4. Research the state questions, and other things on the ballot that might surprise you. There is five state questions on the Arizona ballot this year… these are greatly important issues, that will shape the future of our state. I strongly encourage a yes on proposition 305, as it will expand the “Educational Scholarships Program.” This will be a huge win, for school choice, can allow for more positive competition in the education marketplace, and would remove some unnecessary pressure off of parents who do not want to send their kids too public school.

Also, I encourage a no on prop 127 as it will drive up utility rates for many Arizonans, and certain companies will have unfair advantages, by not being subject to this regulation. For those living in central Arizona, the central Arizona water conservation board is also extremely important… we want the most qualified candidates for this job especially, as the states lakes are beginning too dry up, and Arizona could be facing a water shortage soon.

5. Talk to your friends and family. Your vote matters a lot, but the vote of your extended circles also matters. Ask them about their voting preferences, in the friendliest manner possible. Share with them some of your knowledge, and also receive some of their knowledge, both parties can be helped by this.

Those who are eligible too vote tomorrow. If you have not already, research your vote, and vote your conscience. You’re ensuring a better future for your state, your nation, and thus also the whole world which is affected.


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