Liberty Education

In this post, I have posted my unedited personal journal. I do not take doing it lightly, but I do it because I believe my thoughts on liberty should not be kept hidden. I desire to lead people to life and liberty. My passions are quite deep, and I hope that you can be inspired by them and apply them to your own life…

It has been over a week since I wrote in random stuff, I have been busy in a good way, but I am tired right now, have no desire to work and I have a lot of passion for a fight that only a few real patriots are willing to fight. I listened to two episodes of the great Tom Woods podcast today. I really wish more people would think like him. He is really passionate for the truth. In reality, there are lots of libertarian stars like him, just only like 5 of them are elected politicians. People have been fighting for change for years and we have seen little to none… and then I have another question, will Rand Paul continue to follow in his father Ron’s footsteps. He is a great libertarian, but as Tom Woods points out, he is not willing to shamelessly speak the truth in quite the same way that his father was. And Mike Lee is also a great libertarian. If Ron Paul passed down his mantle to two successors, which 4 will succeed Rand Paul and Mike Lee. Who will sit in the Oval Office and shamelessly fight for liberty and justice?

Well to that, I have to say that I believe that answer is me. The liberty movement can look to be fading at times, but I think there are more libertarians than ever before, they just need a leader… a voice to actually make the change necessary. In all humility, I am that appointed voice to not just the United States but to the nations. Let me just make some pledges now. I will walk in Integrity and Truth. I will follow the path that God has layed out for me. I will not bomb innocent civilians. I will not wage unjust war. I will not defraud people. I will steward God’s creation by protecting life, Liberty and property.!!!

These are all actually biblical commands. They are commands straight from Christ to me, but also as a general way of life for humans. That is why it breaks my heart at any point where I see deviation from these plans. Man was meant to live in mutual love, and peace… and if not love at least respect for the crafting of God in every person. When Jesus came down to earth, he came to bring liberty to the captives. This I believe is referring to both spiritual liberty and physical liberty. In fact, there are three types of liberty and they are all important….

There is Spiritual liberty, the most elevated form of liberty. It is freedom from death, and into life. It is release from a life of sin into a life of righteousness in Christ Jesus. There is mental liberty. This is what I believe people like Ben Shapiro, Tom Woods, and Jordan Peterson are bringing to people. It is a greater clarity as to what the actual reality of the world is, and a greater clarity as to the importance and preciousness of every human life. It teaches people to value themselves, and those who are free in the mind will never truly be taken down- If taken down, the free die a martyr’s death. Finally there is the liberty, I feel God has called me to spend most of my life defending- actual physical or tangible liberty… The rights that God gave all humans, and the prosperity and stewardship of his creation that he has called us to. The Respect for Life, Liberty and Property that everyone deserves regardless of belief, ethnicity or sex. It is a beautiful thing, and it is the best way to steward the creation God has given to us. For this I will fight, for all of the three types of liberty. Clearly there are specific issues that need to be addressed in time, but I respect what Tom Woods is doing… educating people, and waking them up to the truth… hopefully I can share in that.


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