Vote Right- Vote your Conscience

I have interviewed Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, Kevin McCormick. Mccormick is running an active campaign for governor of Arizona. To support Mccormick, please visit After watching the video below please continue to read for more general thoughts.

This project is meant to enlighten voters about their real options in upcoming elections. I wanted to focus on how we could bring about real change in this country that is by the people and for the people. Obviously, depending upon where you fall in the political compass, is going to determine what you think is beneficial to society. I look at the French president, Emanuel Macron’s, rise and his campaign on “En Marche!” and wonder how such a movement of change could come to our own nation.

Firstly, I believe that we should focus on well-needed changes to the system that can also find widespread unification. I really enjoyed Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendments, and I believe those changes are well needed.  Our country should focus on balancing the budget, as well as working on paying off the debt and enacting criminal justice reform. In the wake of incredible division among both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, the political landscape is being opened to something new. Currently there are 26 potential Republican candidates in 2020. Assuming that the Republican Party doesn’t decide on current President Donald Trump, it is important to candidates like Rand Paul.

However, I would like to suggest that a country with over 300 million citizens should have more than 2 accepted options.  It is time for America to turn towards its third largest party, the Libertarian Party. This party is running more than 2,000 candidates in 2018 and has won 12 elections in this off year of 2018. I ran a Twitter pole asking who people would vote for president in 2020, assuming they all had a chance of winning. The Libertarian candidate won with 50% over the Democratic Candidate, and Donald Trump, both with 25 percent (out of 20 votes). This was not a 100 percent poll, but I believe that the results would be very similar if all three had an obvious chance of winning. However, voting is not about voting for the winner. It is about voting for who you believe in. The candidates you support should be ones that you most agree with, and you find to have upstanding character.

“Help me take control of the government so that I can leave you all alone.” -Austin Peterson, Missouri senate candidate


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