Trump’s 3rd Surprise

Donald Trump has proved everyone wrong multiple times. If I would have told people two years ago that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States, they would have told me that i’m insane. The president-elect, Donald Trump, has fought his way through 17 candidates. And now he is set to, against all odds, become the next president of the United States. Despite his controversial statements about women, the president-elect is set to surprise many people again, and become one of the best presidents this nation has ever had in a time that it is quite needed.

Whether you are more politically liberal or politically conservative will largely determine whether or not you like Trump’s presidency. However, largely speaking a Trump presidency for both Conservatives and Liberals alike has some great promises.

The promises he has made range from largely bipartisan efforts to strictly Republican efforts. With a Republican congress behind him, and one Supreme Court seat up for appointment the amount of things that Trump can accomplish are abundant. One effort that both parties should be able to rally behind is term limits. Trump should be able to follow up his promise to impose term limits on congressmen and Senators which will decrease corruption and make being a politician a civic duty, instead of a lifelong job held by only a few. Another promise of Trump’s that could prove auspicious, is his promise to bring job’s back to the U.S. Yet another issue both parties could work together on is repealing Obamacare, and replacing it with a better healthcare system. On the other hand, a Moral issue that could be resolved well for conservatives is the the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. For a God fearing, States Rights person like me, the prospect of ridding a huge section of the nation of a moral issue by allowing each state to make their individual decision is extremely invigorating.

Besides the president-elect’s great promises, the undeniable wisdom of him and his advisors makes him the right person to solve this nation’s problem’s. Donald Trump cares deeply about this nation and the people of this nation.  He plan’s to give this nation jobs and to attempt to fix our broad economic and moral problems.  Even though he did not win the popular vote, him and his campaign team played the electoral college geniusly enough to win in a landslide. He picked an amazing running mate, in a godly Republican governor,  Mike Pence, and the people he surrounds him self with are experienced problem solvers.

Donald Trump may not be the perfect man, but he is human, he has shown constant improvement, he is sorry for his past mistakes, he has made some great promises and he may just be the right person at the right time. I’ll admit, I was not a huge fan of Donald Trump at first because of his temperament and some of his past sexist remarks. However, he has compensated for both of these by his tremendous work ethic, improvement, and promising plans for this nation. Let’s hope the best for our president-elect, because this country is in dire need of some strong leadership.


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