True Liberty

Republicans and Democrats alike, are both responsible for bad leadership due to the same fundamental reason. Both have assumed that the Government has responsibilities and rights that it actually doesn’t have. In order to understand this reason, one must first understand the concept of liberty and the proper role of Government. With these two concepts, the entire political debate should begin and end.

The real question, that lies behind all others is the question of the meaning of liberty. The top definition for Liberty in the dictionary would be, “Freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.” The dictionary definition is a bit gray in meaning, yet at its base it proves that liberty is freedom from outer control. Thus, the debate that has plagued humans for years is whether freedom from other men means to submit to the will of the government, and lose self-awareness, to submit to a collective will, and avoid conflict with other men or to be free to do what one pleases and gain the pleasure of opportunity.  These can be respectively named communism, socialism, and capitalism. Communism and socialism have proven through the ages to never work, due to the fact that all men must sacrifice liberties to submit to a supreme government or to fellow men. In order to protect individual liberties, it is important to keep in mind the proper role of Government.

The government can only take on the responsibility of protecting its people or it begins to become oppressive. There are three things that a government must protect its people from which are itself, crime and foreign enemies. In order to perform these tasks, the citizens of a country are required to pay taxes to its government. The government can’t provide anything that it does not take from its citizens. Republicans and Democrats both falter here because both do not recognize that the government can’t produce anything, and should be responsible for very little. The only goals that cannot be accomplished without a government are safety from foreign enemies, crime and oppression. In aspects such as healthcare and education, competition is needed to increase efficiency and innovation. When the government interferes with these already booming markets, it discourages competition which in turn leads to unnecessary complications and a lack of innovation.

These concepts are at the heart of libertarianism, which is the direct opposite of totalitarianism. In order for all this to work, they must follow their own constitution, sadly the U.S. government has broken the law of the constitution repeatedly. Democrats and Republicans both claim that they can create jobs. They forget that the government can’t create jobs, it can only create confidence and allow the people to create their own jobs. All our two presidential frontrunners ever do is call names and argue over which person is the better or worse person. This is an argument that a good candidate should never have to make. A good candidate should only state what they will do to protect its citizens and why their plan is the best plan. This blog will view politics from an extreme perspective which will only support liberty and never compromise.


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