The Nonviolence Standard and its Largest Perpetrator

We must recognize that Floyd’s killing is not an isolated incident but rather a consequence of a monopoly on the legal use of force that has gained power over the decades. I attempt to make my case with nuance and with respect for all those who have been victimized by the state (just about everyone but many worse than others).

Puerto Rican Statehood

Recently, Puerto Rican voters again backed U.S. statehood in its fifth referendum of the sort. Due to a boycott of the election, voter turnout was at a low of 23 percent. Of this 23 percent, 834,000 voted for U.S. statehood, followed by 7,800 votes for free association and 6,800 to maintain it’s current territorial status. It is clear from these results and other data that Puerto Rico needs a change.


Proper Democracy is consensual. The notion that the government can manipulate rights by popular vote, to say the least, provides a shaky foundation for a nation.